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Credit: Maxwell Mason

Me in Under 20 Seconds

I’m a NYC based personal trainer and online fitness/ nutrition coach.

In my former life I was a musician (I still write music and am finishing up an album as I type this) and celebrity/ fashion hairstylist.

I’ve worked with Supermodels, Artists, Professional Athletes, Single Moms in the Suburbs, and Green Berets.

I’ve lived all over the United States and even for a bit in Mexico (Cancun in my early 20s, remind me to tell you about it, it was nuts).

Even in NYC I’m a homebody. Nothing beats a night in, cooking dinner with my wife Sarah (and my dog Bigsby, he never gets left out).


My “More Professional” Bio

Credit: Maxwell Mason

Hi, I’m Jeb. I’m the founder of Brooklyn Strong, a functional strength and conditioning program in New York City.

I’m certified in Exercise Sports Nutrition and a Certified Personal Trainer.

I also spend a significant amount of my time helping busy professionals like you get stronger, look better, and live more freely.

With the combination of a resistance based training program and a realistic approach to nutrition, I have helped transform the bodies (and lives) of countless clients.

I can be seen on the pages of The Truth About Strength Training by Sean Hyson, have been featured on Men’s Fitness Online, and am a contributor to multiple publications including Men’s Fitness.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email!