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Become the sexy beast you know you can be.

It’s in you. It’s in all of us. That inner fire that drives you to be the best version that you can imagine.

But something is holding you back from getting there. Something that you haven’t been able to nail down.

Maybe it’s wasted time in the gym. Maybe it’s poor choices in the kitchen. Maybe it’s inefficient use of time.

Let me help you finally succeed.

I know the struggle. I was there. I spent years in the weight room only to stay weak and flabby. I did everything I could to improve.

I watched what I ate. Kept fat low. Low carb. No carb.

Where was my six pack? Why did my shoulders slump forward in a mocking gesture that accentuated my birdlike chest?

Why could I never seem to get ahead, even though I was successful and sought after in my industry?

Because, like you, I was focused on the wrong things.

I chose the wrong exercises. I had no idea how to plan out my workouts and how to measure progress.

I thought I understood nutrition but every day a new, contradictory study was released that just confused me further.

I kept working harder. Longer hours. Saying yes to every opportunity. I worked with celebrities and actors and supermodels. Yet I never felt I was burning bright. Just burning out.

Something had to change.

Working more and harder wasn’t changing my life or my body. I needed to actually do less.

The first step I took to simplify my life was my work week. I went from working 7 days per week to 6, then 5, then 4. I still do “work” on my “off” days but it’s now things I choose to do. Personal growth, networking, trying a new sport.

Once I consolidated my week I was forced to do more with less. I was still earning the same amount of money and, eventually much more, yet I also had time to cook dinner for my wife and play with my dog. I was no longer missing out on simple joys.

I started sleeping better and stopped worrying about money and where my next client was coming from. And you know what? I was getting more referrals and choosing who I wanted to work with instead of saying yes to everyone.

What does this have to do with fitness?

Once I saw what I had achieved in my professional life I decided to apply these same principles to my training. Instead of busting my ass 6 days per week for 90 minute sessions I reduced my training sessions to 3-45 minute sessions per week.

I focused on big, compound lifts for my main exercise. Then I chose 3 or 4 assistance exercises and a 5-10 minute conditioning circuit.

My body began to change. I was adding muscle in my 30s when I couldn’t seem to add muscle in my early 20s! I now had even more time to concentrate on the things I wanted to do instead of being shackled to the gym.

As I started to get bigger I was feeling great. But I still dreamt of that elusive 6 pack.

The final piece of the puzzle.

I knew the key to getting in the shape that I envisioned would require me to finally get a hold on how to eat properly for both aesthetics and performance.

In theory, I knew exactly what to do. I knew how many calories and what macronutrient profiles I needed to hit in order to improve my body composition. In practice, though, it never came together.

Just like my business and my strength training, I decided to streamline my nutrition as well. I stopped obsessing over every meal and every calorie I consumed. I stopped being so spartan with my choices and let myself enjoy eating again.

Do you know what happened? My adherence to eating well actually increased. I no longer felt like I was being punished so I no longer rewarded myself with junk.

I had finally come across a sustainable plan for nutrition. I began to lean out and sure enough, I finally got that six pack.

That was years ago.

Today I still keep up with my principles. I sometimes work an extra day here and there and throw in an extra training day. I sometimes fall back on old eating habits. But now I know how to get back on track and I don’t feel guilty. I just move forward.

I am currently working on building muscle so I’ve got a bit more bodyfat. But I keep visible abs year round.

Life is easier.

Online Coaching Program

Coaching my principles to others is how I have proven their effectiveness. Both my in person clients and my online clients have benefitted from simplifying their lives, fitness, and nutrition.

It all starts with a comprehensive assessment. We will discuss your background, health, injuries, and favorite Bruce Springsteen song (I know it’s hard to pick one).

Next I will retire to my think tank (ok, kitchen table. Hey it’s Brooklyn, an office is a luxury) and begin working on a practical strength training program to fit your schedule and goals. This is a customized program for you — not some cookie cutter program from a magazine (although the ones I write for magazines are pretty fantastic, just sayin’).

We will simultaneously start crafting a nutritional strategy for you and work on learning how to make choices for your goals that are both sustainable and effective.

We will have regularly scheduled check ins to focus on the coming weeks and form checks and measurements to chart progress.

You will become awesome.

Why should you choose online coaching?

Online coaching gives you the freedom to work out where you want, when you want. On your terms.

Traffic sucks? Stuck at work? With a personal trainer if you are late you still have to pay for that time you missed. My goal is to remove stress from your life, not add to it.

Online coaching is like having a nutrition coach and and a personal trainer all in one.

I will guide your progress in strength and resistance training as I would any client. But with the advantage of the internet it’s like having a Coach in your home, without having to worry about me eating all of your peanut butter or using your toothbrush.

Having a Coach means being accountable and someone always having your back.

I always perform my best when I have someone to be accountable to. It’s a simple bit of psychology that will help you keep moving towards your goals even when roadblocks might appear. And I’m here to celebrate your victories with you!

Online Training is a much more cost effective option than in-person training.

Online training costs a fraction of what a personal trainer does. Even in less costly markets you still can expect to spend in a week more than in a month of online coaching.

You get access to the best that training has to offer.

I pride myself in being among the best in my industry. I have worked hard to get there. No matter where you are you can get the same quality training that people you see on tv, in magazines, and on the big screen get. I work with some of the top names in fitness and entertainment. And now, you.

But don’t take my word for it

“Jeb is precisely the kind of coach everyone should learn from: a regular guy with average genetics who discovered what works the hard way—by trying everything that’s out there and experimenting on himself first. I’ve never seen anyone learn as much about training and nutrition as quickly as he has, which speaks both to his intelligence and passion for these subjects. He is an outstanding resource.”

– Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., Training Director for Men’s Fitness, Muscle&Fitness magazines


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeb on many occasions. His knowledge of strength training and functional fitness are second to only his enthusiasm for coaching. Truly a great trainer that not only trains his clients to meet their goals, but also one that coaches and teaches them throughout their fitness journey.”

-Chris Ryan, C.S.C.S., Top Fitness Model & Trainer on NBC’s Strong

“As a career Special Forces Officer, I have had access to accredited strength coaches, CPTs, and nutritionists with experience coaching and teaching top programs in the NCAA, NHL, and U.S. Olympic Teams. Jeb is on-par with any of these world-class coaches and I would work with him any day of the week. I offer my strongest recommendation of Jeb to anyone seeking a coach that will optimize their performance through personalized programming, coaching, and mentoring.

Part of Jeb’s strength lies in his ability to understand the intricacies and requirements of the individual. Special Operators suffer from the dilemma of the ‘need for perpetual peak performance.’ There is no off-season. We don’t get to tailor our programming for a specific meet, competition, or post-season. We need to be trained to a high level of performance year around, without over training and risking injury. Additionally, Special Operators and military athletes are unique because their activity is often defined by long, slow movements under heavy loads punctuated by short bursts of extremely high intensity movement. This requires unique programming that starts with a foundation of strength and explosion, but incorporates cardio-respiratory development with an emphasis on mobility and stability to prevent injury. Jeb understands this, programs accordingly, and pushes clients hard without over training.

Jeb is truly a professional who practices what he preaches. His personal performance is a testament to not only his knowledge of training and nutrition, but of his discipline and dedication to his profession. He is among the best, and will undoubtedly bring out the best performance in any client.”

-“Kyle”, Special Forces Operator

What does it cost?

Pricing for online coaching is dependent upon which option(s) are right for you but it is a small fraction of what it costs to work with me in person. Personal training packages with me in NYC start at $1800 a month for 3 sessions per week. For 4 sessions per week (3 & 4 x/week is what most of my online clients prefer) that number climbs to $2400.

Change starts here

If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally get the body (and life) that you deserve, let’s talk.